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Comparison Essay on the Difference Between Courage and Recklessness

What Is the Difference Between Courage and Recklessness?

Courage and recklessness are two sides of the same coin: they both result in a single person performing an extraordinary task. Courage tends to be a concept associated with the brave, whereas recklessness is akin with the foolish. The differences between the two notions are plentiful and will be discussed in the course of this essay alongside their comparison.

Recklessness is viewed as being an action, which has not been thought through. Often, a reckless action can be seen as being brave, although invariably the person involved doesn’t consider the after-effects. People who are perceived as being reckless are also seen as being irresponsible. For example, a soldier who rushes into a situation without due consideration would be seen as putting his fellow soldiers in unnecessary danger.

Conversely, courage is more broadly seen as being a self-focused response to a situation, whether it’s social, physical or personal. Ernest Hemingway perhaps best defined courage as being “grace under pressure”, which suggests the idea that in a difficult situation, a person makes a well-judged, thought out decision that results in the best possible outcome. However, courage has a spectrum all of its own in terms of ‘what is courage’. The simple action of saying ‘no’ to a compromising situation, or the act of running into a burning building to save a child: both of these things can be labelled as being courageous.

Courage and recklessness are two major elements of the human psyche; we all have the capability to make a rash decision if, for example, a loved one is in danger and we all have the potential to do something brave. In conclusion, the main…

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