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No bitcoins no cry? 3 epic bitcoin-related stories

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 28 Feb 2018    Raise your hand if you’ve got at least one bitcoin! Do you? We’ve had a discussion inside the company and found no bitcoin owner yet. Or… at least our managers do not want to share how rich they are indeed. All right, guys, fun is fun.

    Such hype is reasonable enough though, simply because the cryptocurrency costs a bomb in 2018 and its price can go up soon.

To calm the situation a bit, looked through some epic fails that occurred with the lucky (question mark) owners of bitcoins. So, lucky indeed… or? Keep reading!

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TOP-5 festivals you must visit until September

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 20 Jul 2017


We, Americans, are a happy nation that has a lot of roads to go and ways to spend this summer. For you to take your summer moments under full control, has searched for the most amusing festivals in the USA.

Enjoy a lot of fun, music, cool people, and entertainments at any of the 5 following fests.

Grab your friends, find a good spirit, and go for it!

Let’s meet there!

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How were some people searching for a job? TOP-3 inspirational stories

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 18 May 2017


Summer is almost here, so is the end of school. This means that some of you are going to have a good rest, while others want to find a job for one season only or a place to work there full-time.

What we want to talk about today is how to get a good job. We offer you to read 3 inspirational stories from the lives of real people who got their jobs due to their “think-out-of-the-box” approaches. Keep reading!

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5 Most Discussed Oscars Awkward Moments

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 27 Feb 2017

32396267212_da8c92e9dd_c  Dresses are usually most discussed at the ceremonies. However, we are not going to take a look at the worst-dressed list of celebrities who promenade the red-carpet at Oscars as we are not fashion experts at all. Instead, we’d rather remember all epic fails that happened at ceremonies in the recent years. And we will start from the recent La La Land and Moonlight awkward moment. Go ahead!

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5 Games To Beat Your New Year Laziness

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 22 Dec 2016


Winter holidays are coming and give a start to the series of celebrations. How not to get bored on your days-off? You can be assigned homework and some essays to get ready with for a new semester.

No fears! You know our writers are always around to help you even on holidays while you are chilling with friends.

Get involved in all 5 activities with friends from to have your time not wasted after the New Year comes.

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