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  • The essay is not a difficult written form in itself, but crafting an astronomy essay may represent considerable problems exactly because of the nature of this discipline. It isn’t very comfortable about being recounted in an essay, for it is an exact science.
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Twelve Astronomy Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

An astronomy essay offers an engaging challenge for a student – to engage in the lengthy discussion of the science of celestial bodies within the constraints of a narrow topic. By writing the essay, astronomy students can peer through the ‘telescope’ of research at complex cosmic occurrences, thereby bringing closer previously unknown phenomena. It is hardly a surprise that finding a topic for astronomy essay is a fairly challenging task. Why? Because the topic selection is guided by several restrictive conditions: 1) to bring important information to light, 2) to find the subject that peaks your interest, and 3) to ensure there are enough quality sources to substantiate your discussion. Therefore, if you cannot find a proper topic for the essay, choose among the following topics prepared by our writers:

  • The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (FGST);
  • How the red-shift helps to explain the expansion of the universe?
  • The history of infrared astronomy;
  • Infrared vs. optical astronomy;
  • The Spitzer Space Telescope (SST);
  • The detection of neutron stars and black holes;
  • Modern tools of radio astronomy;
  • Distance scales for pulsars;
  • The magnetic flux of solar flares;
  • Coronal mass ejections (CMEs);
  • Energy absorption levels of cosmic rays;
  • The impact of solar maximum on the Earth’s climate.

If you like some of the suggested topics but don’t think you could develop them into a full-fledged essay, request our help. Our skilled writers will provide you with a knockout paper in no time!

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