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What factors do influence the price per page, question, or problem? They are not just the type of work, theacademic level, the deadline, and the number of pages, but also the extras you can add to your order.

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Admission help

Getting to the college/university of your dream as well as being hired for your perfect job is easy Professional PhD degree holding writers (with at least 10 years of experience), premiumquality, always on-time delivery – there is every reason why your admission paper from our writing servicewill be the best!

We can help you with all of the following:

  • Personal statement
  • Application letter
  • Admission essay
  • Cover letter

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We always make every effort to exceed the expectations of our customers, but it is our clients' maximumsatisfaction that is the ultimate goal. This is the reason why we have come up with the following convenientExtra features: Preferred writer, VIP customer service, Plagiarism report and Abstractpage, and others mentioned below:

  • Preferred writer.
    • Choosing “TOP writer” will get one of our most professional writers to work on yourorder;
    • If you select “Advanced writer”, your order will be assigned to a skilledprofessional, and it will cost you less than the "TOP writer" feature;
    • You can confidently choose the option “My previous writer” if you were 100%satisfied with your previous order. Specifying the writer's ID number will get you the same highlevel of writing help as with your last paper. You can choose this option with a 24 hour deadline ormore. If you choose 24 hours, the price will increase due to the urgency of your order, regardlessof the writer's level. However, if you choose the deadline of more than 1 day, you will be chargedan additional cost in case the writer already has a TOP writer or an Advanced writer status.
    • The default “Regular writer” option does not affect the price – or the quality – ofyour paper.
  • VIP customer service. The name of this feature speaks for itself – it makes you our #1Customer. It means that all your questions and requests will be answered before the thousands of otherclients. This option will let you track your order via text message notifications. With it, you willknow immediately if the writer requires any additional materials for your paper or if your order iscompleted before the deadline. All these great features forjust $14.99!
  • Plagiarism report. Choose it to get an official report on the level of plagiarism (ifany) in your paper. Provided by one of the best online plagiarism detection services WebCheck, it offersunrivaled quality. Here's the price:
    • double spacing: 1-10 pages - $9.99 with $1 extra for everyadditional page.
    • single spacing: 1-5 pages - $9.99 with $2 extra for every additional page.
  • Abstract page. Recommended for the APA format, this document summarizes the essence ofyour paper. No matter whether this is one of your requirements or if you'd like to make a goodimpression on the reader or your professor, choose this option for a professionally-written Abstractpage. Only $14.99 for all the hard work!
  • Sources used. With this extra, you can get the materials used for your paper! When youpurchase the "Sources used" extra, you will get a soft copy of the sources used in .doc/.docx/.pdfformats or, alternatively, as print screens or images of the pages referenced. The materials will beavailable for download in your control panel upon the order completion. Get each sourcefor $4.99.
  • Table of contents/Outline. If your paper needs a proper table of contents/outline, addthis extra in your control panel. Get it for only $9.99.
  • Editor's check. Choosing this extra in your control panel allows you to improve thecontent of your work. This means one of our professional editor's will proofread it and edit all theexisting errors: grammar, punctuation, stylistic, formatting, etc. As far as Editor's check is availablefor an additional fee, the ultimate price for your order will be automatically recalculated once you addthis extra to it.

You’re welcome to read what our customers can say about our Extras here.


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Please note that our Extras, such as TOP Writer, Advanced writer, Plagiarism report, Abstract page, VIPcustomer service, Sources Used, Table of Contents/Outline, and Editor's Check as well as Discounts are notsubject to refunds.

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