7 things that will make you focused for exams

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 16 Jun 2016


When the exams come, many students are not going through their best time. Everyone who postponed their studies for the mythical “tomorrow” for six months is now forced to give their best.

Such intense demands are exhausting, so it’s time to find out how you can (legally and naturally!) relax and restore your mental health points.

Sleepless nights during normal times can be full of fun. Having to stay awake at night during a session is just frustrating though. Plus, it negatively affects productivity
and cognitive abilities. Therefore, at any opportunity, we recommend going to bed. After taking a nap even for fifteen minutes you will feel cheered up and get a surge of energy.

It’s easy, efficient, and just plain fun. Just turn on your imagination and give it the right direction.
You can imagine something pleasant to relieve stress or you can occupy it with something more practical
such as rehearsing your future presentation.

Perhaps the fastest way to cool down, calm down, and clear your mind is through breathing exercises. It is not at all necessary to learn something special. Simply, when feeling too much pressure, try to breathe deeply and slowly.

Listening to music.
This is not even up to discussion: music can have a beneficial effect on our mental state. It is good for relaxing and falling asleep, for cheering up and recharging your batteries for the whole day. Plus, there are now entire genres created specifically to be listened while studying!

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Maintaining order.
Mess is actually very annoying (unless, of course, you are an incredibly creative person) and decreases productivity. Before you sit down to cram, clear your table, remove everything that you will not need
in the near future. So, you get rid of everything that can distract you and save yourself a lot of mental energy that you otherwise spend on fighting distraction.

Thinking positively.
Did you know that optimists a priori get more favorable opportunities because they are simply tuned in to notice them! The habit of thinking in a positive way has a beneficial effect on health, relationships with other people, and can even lead to success.

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