Are There Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 16 Feb 2016



Ask yourself these 5 simple questions and let the answers help you overcome winter tiredness

      While wrapped in winter’s embraces, one wishes to paraphrase a sensational song by Lana Del Ray and sing that out loud “I got that wintertime, wintertime sadness” when getting out of bed every morning. It’s sad but true, winter takeover is in every single cell of our body that forces us to survive the season.

      Comprehend the reasons why you may feel the winter blues by answering 5 simple questions. Banish the flow of a winter’s lassitude and manage your seasonal mood.

Question 1. At what time do you end your day?

    Biological hours play first violin for getting enough sleep. It’s recommended that you go to bed between 10.00 PM and 12.00 PM, which helps your nervous system have enough rest and gives your body a lot of energy to feel well balanced throughout the whole next day. This way, wishing to get up at 7 AM one should fall asleep at 10 PM. Knowing this simple rule grants enough sleep and lets go of thoughts “to kill somebody in the mornings”.

Question 2. How much water is your daily habit?

    Nature rewarded us with a bringing-to-life source that helps a lot like a pill – water. It may sound strange, though sometimes your apathy signals about a lack of water in your body. Absorbing no less than 1.5 liters a day is a must to keep your body healthy and happy. So how full is your daily glass of water?

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Question 3. How do your evenings flow?

    Stop and think of the evenings, what they’re filled with. In the stream of everyday assignments even the most creative ones can lose their hobbies by putting them off again and again. Though, at least 1 hour spent for hobby and anything you love doing may rescue from a routine of tiredness, which is usually caused by a flow of identical tasks. How often do you let yourself do what you love?

adore_my_dutiesQuestion 4. What’s on your thoughts and mouth?

    They say, we are what we eat, think, say and feel. The truth is that as love doubles when shared, the same happens to the influence of words we pronounce. Talking about beautiful things, making compliments, supporting friends with nice words automatically doubles your spirit and put you on the way of successful thinking. Have you noticed that we are getting tired much faster when complaining, saying swear words and criticizing? Catch the thoughts you think most of the time. Are they inspiring?

Question 5. Is responsibility your hobbyhorse-like thing?

    The older we get the more we conceive that our life is about responsibility. It is the thing that goes independently from the weather outside. We lose our vital energy when procrastinating, transfer responsibility on somebody’s shoulders or avoid doing things that need to be done immediately. What’s your case?

 Our main message is: your outer reality of the winter blues starts within – happiness or tiredness is the result of inner condition, actions and intellectual posture. They say, happiness requires struggle, though suffering takes the same efforts. The choice is yours!