Why You Absolutely Need To Celebrate Halloween

Written by: admin at 31 Oct 2013


There is a lot of history to Halloween, but we are not going to go into that. You do not need to know where, how, and when Halloween originated to get the most of it.

.A Masquerade For All

  • Halloween is in many ways a fashion show, and you are supposed to show that you are creative, fun, and outgoing. For that, you will need to pick a costume that appeals both to you and your friends. Being a bloody nurse or some other real old and boring costume idea is not going to get you any points. Instead, you should go for something that will make you stand out and highlight your individuality.
  • If you are from a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween or has its own interpretation of it, that makes you celebrating Halloween the right way absolutely compulsory.
  • Locals will tell you that Halloween is one of those days that just ought to be celebrated, and once you are in their country, it wouldn’t hurt if you tried to adapt to their culture for the time being.
  • Halloween can be seen as a tool for deepening your relationships with friends. It does make a lot of sense that people in costumes pretending to be someone they really aren’t, are more likely to find new perspectives on who they and their friends really are.
  • Halloween is a great night for making a change in how you relate to others and what your typical day consists of. If you do want to make a change, you will just try to act as weird as possible so that the next few days your friends are not surprised that you are not acting the same way you had been acting before. You will just act in a third way that in light of the Halloween night will not look like too much of a change.
  • Who you are for Halloween is who you are in real life, though be careful, and never let that distract your choice of a costume. It should come from the heart and be fun to people around you, and not just yourself.
  • Choosing a costume should be rational. Do take into consideration what others think you should be. In fact, your peers might have a better view of who you are and who you look or act like.
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Your Typical Halloween Night

It typically starts with a dinner party or heavy amounts of drinking, depending on whether you drink or not. Having drink is not essential though. What Halloween comes down to is a fashion show, and not always the one with the prettiest costume wins. Creativity is also taken into consideration and a costume that’s just a carton face of some celebrity may be good enough if you play your role well.

Since it is Halloween and you got a really nice costume on, the biggest advice you could be given is that you should try to hit (i.e. visit) as many houses, pubs, and parties as possible.

Be active, as your main objective for the night is to showcase your costumes and see others’! The more people you seen on Halloween night, the more people you will be able to talk to the next day.

Not Just A Party

The primary benefit of Halloween is irresponsible behaviour and new friends. At least that’s what Western Europe and the United States are all about on the last day of October.

You can see people dressing up all throughout the week in some locations. It might not be a good idea to go that far, but finding as many new friends that either like your costume or have one that relates to it is absolutely crucial. You will then see these people on the streets, in school, and so forth. You will have something to talk about, and thus make friends.

Picking Your Costume

The stranger your costume is, the better. It does not matter what you normally wear and how you behave around friends. The bigger the contrast between your costume and your daily life – the better. Forget those who say that who you are on Halloween is who you are in real life. Your objective is to showcase your creativity and have fun.

Your costume needs to be fun. Consider what others like, as it’s a very important part of what you should be. If you are a fan of Star Wars, and everyone else around you is passive about it, it would be a very bad idea to be some obscure alien from the series or even a Luke Skywalker for that matter. Even though the idea might be cool, but the costume is not fun to others around you. It doesn’t ring a bell, as people have very few associations going with these types of characters.