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What is a Book Report and How to Write It?

A book report is a summary of a text that sometimes includes an author’s opinion about it. Based on a professor’s instructions, the summary can be either a comprehensive or short. If the instructions call for the personal evaluation of the book, a student should interpret its underlying meaning, analyze the main characters, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the assignment’s main objective. Also, stay away from book reports already done because they never analyze texts in depth and almost always contain plagiarized paragraphs. What you need is a book report written from scratch.

  • Read the Book

When familiarizing themselves with the assigned material, a student should pay attention to detail and take notes. After running into quotes, sentences or passages worth mentioning in the book report, it is recommended to mark pages. By the time the book is finished, the student will have recorded several key themes, which can serve as a rough outline for the report.

  • Develop an Outline

Use the rough outline written during the initial familiarization with the text to develop a detailed outlined for the report.

  • Write the Body of the Report

Focus on the key themes of the book, its genre, style, tone, reoccurring symbols, etc. Discuss characters that play an important role in the text or relate to the overall theme. If you are dealing with nonfiction, try to identify the writer’s thesis. Weave your own thoughts and comments in the narrative. However, make sure that the instructions call for your take on the book. When drafting the body of the report, make extensive use of strong quotes from the source material. Don’t forget to properly format all quotes using APA, MLA, Harvard or other citation styles.

  • The Conclusion

Close the book report with a strong conclusion that covers one or two new points. Leave your impression of the book’s ending or thesis/theses.

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