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Fifteen Finance Topics for Research

Some students find it difficult to come up with a decent research topic. Knowing this, we’ve put together a short list of topics you can use for your finance paper:

  • Financial derivatives in the global flows of capital;
  • Asset markets and the globalization of risk;
  • The future of behavioral finance;
  • Financial instruments in the modern corporate finance;
  • Practical applications of the investment decision making;
  • Financial reporting in the age of ‘fake news’;
  • How does the field of financial mathematics shape risk management?;
  • Modern approaches to nonprofit financial management;
  • Financial accounting in small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • The role of venture capital in spurring technical innovation;
  • Financial planning in the US construction industry;
  • The perils of optimistic financial market sentiments;
  • The influence of the US asset markets on domestic and global financial cycles;
  • Control of liquidity risks;
  • The signaling function of venture capital.

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