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All About Me

Some people find it difficult to express what is most important about them in several hundreds of words; for me it presents no big difficulty, because I know perfectly well that the most important and significant thing about a person is his work, and since my childhood I always knew that my work is photography.

I am one of those few happy people who don’t have any problems with finding out what is their way in life – never for a single moment I doubted that I am supposed to be a photographer. Since I was a little child I have always been fascinated by color, lighting, images, interesting landscapes and the way things look from different points of view. At first I, as well as many photographers, took up painting and even had some rather promising results, but even then I understood that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Everything changed when I first took a camera in my hands – realization rushed upon me and since then I tried to dedicate as much time to my obsession as it was possible. I didn’t limit my activities to simple photography – I studied various tricks about light, perspective, and lenses, learned how to use software like Photoshop and CorelDraw and, in general, tried to raise my qualification.

It is no wonder that with interests like this I ended up here, at Nelsonford University, where I take a course in…

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