Admission Essay on Architecture

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Whenever I played with my dad as a child, we always built houses using construction kits. It was the activity which we both enjoyed immensely. When I grew older, I realized that for my dad it was more than a game. Despite being a successful civil engineer, he was often reading essays about architecture and always longing for more. His dream was to become an architect, but, unfortunately, he had no chance to implement it into reality. So, when I discovered a talent for drawing, and my teachers praised me for being good at mathematics, my career path was predetermined.

Architectural design is a profession, which is a unique bridge between imagination and reality, mathematics and creativity, the world of fantasy, where the architect puts his own desires in drawings and calculation, and at the same time the world of convenience, where ordinary people live and work in the buildings designed. This career opens a number of important roads, which are much wider than career opportunities. If I succeed in my studies, I will acquire a profession, which will be my hobby, my way of life, my passion, my father’s dream come true. Moreover, it will be beneficial for the society as well as an additional portion of beauty in it, which is so scarce nowadays in the age of technology, when most buildings consist of steel and glass.

I hope that by succeeding in the profession I…

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