Admission Essay on Astronomy

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Since my early childhood I have known I want to become an astronomer and I am sure I will be a good one for a number of important reasons, namely: I have excellent exam results, high IQ test score, will and determination to cope with the hard work and studies. However, all this is not important if compared to the reason, which I consider to be the most crucial: I will be a good astronomer because I have a dream.

At the age of five, I first stayed with my grandparents for the summer in the country house and this was where my grandpa showed me his telescope. This was the most unbelievable, mysterious and magical thing I had ever seen. But as soon as I had a look into it, I realized that the true mystery was not the telescope, but the things that could be seen with it. I was dazzled and fascinated by the starry sky above my head.

My grandpa was sitting in his rocking-chair on the porch, observing how I discovered the “magical” qualities of the device and chuckling quietly. When I finally got tired, I joined him with a cup of cocoa and asked: “Do you think we are alone in the Universe?” “I am not even sure that the universe is the only one”, my grandpa answered. This was too difficult to digest and I paused. I tried to imagine how many universes would look like and failed. My grandpa chuckled again, hugged me with his arm and asked jokingly: “Want to prove it?”

It was almost fifteen years ago, but I still hear my grandpa’s question. And now I can give an absolutely positive answer. Yes, I want it. I have dreamt about it for years.

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