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Essay on Fashion Design and What Does It Mean to Be a Designer

I honestly wanted to be a model when I was small. First, it was fashionable; second, I sincerely believed it would contribute to my appearance. Fortunately, I was not tall enough, and in order to ease my disappointment, my mother advised me to watch the movie “Pretty Woman”. I became totally fascinated. However, it was not due to the leading actors, but to the great variety of models for dresses, not to say anything about bonnets and hats, shoes, and handbags. Another bout of excitement overwhelmed me when I got to know that the nearest college offered evening courses on the history of fashion. Since that time my main idea was to be able one day to walk along the catwalk together with Donna Karan or Carolina Herrera.

I strongly believe that all people are beautiful. But more often we find ourselves in situations when we do not know how to shape our beauty. So, the study of fashion, its history, its present modernizing trends, and its possible revolutionary future is one of the ways to help people feel and look beautiful. Many people think that fashion designers are just artists who create pictures of some nice, but very often impractical and expensive clothes. However, the subject matter of the profession is to look inside the person and even a generation and reveal the hidden potential with the help of attiring people in the best possible way.

I truly believe that being a fashion designer is not only about earning a lot of money, but predominantly about discovering beauty in everybody and everything and bringing it into the spotlight to marvel and enlarge.

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