Admission Essay on Landscape Design

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Many people find their place in life because of their talents: when they leave school and have to decide on their career, they analyze their strong points and choose the sphere where they can apply these qualities successfully. In my case, it was totally different. Since my very early years I have known what I want to do. However, my decision was based more on my weaknesses, than strengths. I have always been very shy and found it difficult to socialize with my peers. The only time when I felt calm and free was when I spent time in my grandmother’s garden, planting and watering flowers, mowing the lawns and picking fruit. Gradually, my way to escape unpleasant life situations turned into a genuine fascination with nature. I learnt different characteristics of plants, peculiarities of their growth and methods of looking after them.

In the course of time, I started being interested not only in how to plant a tree correctly, but also how to change the environment using natural means, which led to a serious involvement in landscape design. I won my first competition for the best garden in the neighborhood when I was twelve. And this was my minute of fame and satisfaction: I remember feeling proud and happy when people came to look at my garden and admired the results of my work. This was the day when I started thinking about winning Chelsea flower show.

The career of a botanist and a landscape designer is not the one that is fashionable or easy, but this is the only path I want to go. I am prepared to work hard, set goals and achieve them. And I am sure that if given a chance, I will bring much beauty and happiness to other people’s lives, which will make the world a better place to live.

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