All Work and no Play Make Jack a Dull Boy

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In an adult’s mind games are associated with fun and relaxation. However, for a child playing a game is an essential and absolutely vital part of his daily routine, because this is the only way a child can develop. In order to help a baby develop by playing, it is important for parents to choose proper toys.


Babies can see different colors, but are unable to differentiate between shades. That is why it is important to choose toys with a combination of no more than two or three basic colors. Babies perceive contrast colors and clear shapes and lines better. Try to buy the toys with such characteristics and show them to your baby, first at a distance of 15 cm gradually increasing it to 30 cm.


All babies love sounds similar to those that they heard in the prenatal life: the sounds of the running water, fountains or rains. Many toys, such as mobiles and lamps, have in-built classical melodies and the sounds of nature. Although these functions can have a wonderful soothing effect, check the quality of the sound thoroughly: they must be clear and realistic. It is also important not to choose the toys with realistic animal and birds sounds. They can have the sounds of a certain pitch used by the animals to scare their enemies away.


Most toys today are made of plastic. However, wooden toys are…

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