Analytical Essay on Disney Internal and External Environments

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Disney Internal and External Environments Analysis

Analysis of internal and external environments of companies allows to assess its strengths and weaknesses, as well as to understand what threats and opportunities the company has in its market. In this way I am going to briefly analyze the situation in the internal and external environments of one of the leaders in the world of theme parks and resorts – the Disney company.

There are two main kinds of environment in the external sphere of organization’s work – societal and task. As for the first of them, the market is rather saturated one in case of Disney and has high competition rates. Disney once made an attempt to conglomerate and diversify, which ended in nothing, as there were many obstacles on the way of the goals implementation. In the task environment, Disney has no significant threats from the part of new companies, as there is too large capital required to enter the market. So, the main Disney’s concern is the other big entertainment companies.

Within the scope of internal environment analysis, I want to describe the company’s structure, corporate culture that it has and the resources it possesses. Disney corporation has generic hierarchical structure with stable balance of power. The corporate culture of the company is propagated at all the levels of hierarchy, and so, all the workforce is aware of its basic principles. It suits various backgrounds that employees have and is based on the diversity concept. Because of the status of one of the largest multi-global companies, Disney has a large amount of resources.

So, in the internal environment top management and…

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