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Argumentative Essay on Should American Citizens Be Required to Vote

Should American Citizens Be Required to Vote?

My view on the topic is that American citizens should not be forced to vote by law. My argument is based on the estimation that the USA case tends to follow the Cartel Party model of party-typology. In other words, it is clear that elections in the USA have been transformed into a well-played theatrical show which has as its main aim the manipulation of the voters.

By observing elections in the USA we see that neither the Social Cleavages, nor Party Identification, or Rational Voter models can illustrate the way that parties and voters operate. In contrast, what we are observing is the move to a self-renewal of identities on behalf of the voters which has to do with the de-traditionalization of liberal societies, following the mass consumerism and technological revolution that emerged after the 60s. Parties in essence represent the state and not the people, their aim is to govern and not to achieve serious transformations that reflect specific social claims (Cartel Party), and mass media along with the specialists in communication are used to manipulate and control an apathetic audience. Additionally, in the USA we have lobbying as a legitimate action that calls people to form interest groups in order to influence the decision-making process rather than count on their individual vote.

In other words, in an era where all liberal societies are characterized by a generally apathetic electorate, and parties that have lost their representative character, such legislation will not make any difference. The will to attract people into voting does…

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