Does a Double Standard Still Exist Between the Sexes?

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Typically, when we think of a double standard, we think of the past. Surely, with our modern outlook on life and more women than ever in the workforce, there cannot still be a double standard between the sexes in the form in which it existed before. To figure out what is going on in the world today, we will have to examine the viewpoints of both men and women in the workforce.

As of today, there still exists a gap between women’s and men’s privileges in the business world. Women are not nearly as populous on the corporate board of directors as men are. They make only 76 cents for every dollar that a man makes. More men hold management positions. Males are seen as aggressive and powerful at work; if a woman tries that, she is called dominating, pushy or worse. Men can show their sensitive side more these days; however, if a man is too sensitive, he is seen as weak. So, there is still a little bias for men, too.

Males make more money than women do, hold more administrative positions, and are on more corporate boards than women. These facts show undoubtedly that there is still a bias toward men over women in the working world. Communication, trust between the two, and working together to overcome bias are the only ways that women can hope to catch up with men.

In conclusion, it is safe to…

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