Best Friend Essay

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Who Is Your Best Friend?

Whom do you consider to be your best friend and why? Is it somebody with whom you have spent the most of your life? Or maybe it is someone with whom you share your most important interests? Your spouse? One of your parents? Your dog, after all? Whoever it is, the best friend is a very special person in the life of everyone. It is someone who is always ready to come to help you, someone who understands you and doesn’t ask questions when you don’t want to. Someone to whom you may confess the thing you cannot tell anyone else. In short, someone whom you may trust whole-heartedly.

I suppose that every person has a best friend, even if this best friend is himself. Sometimes this friendship seems to be absolutely natural, when both friends are very similar to each other, share the same views and support the same ideas. Sometimes this choice seems to be completely illogical, with both of them being the direct opposites of each other, but friendship of this kind sometimes seems to be even more solid than any other, for both friends add to each other what every one of them separately lacks, and thus make themselves stronger. Sometimes the best friend is someone with whom it seems that you do nothing but constantly argue on all the possible topics – but still, it isn’t enmity, but friendship.

In general, it is hard to find a single and direct definition of the best friend. It is unique for every particular person; and..

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