Choosing the Right Path

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Each year hundreds of school-leavers face a dilemma of what university or college to choose. They study the ratings and facts, files on the web, analyze the information and meet career advisers. Very often they feel tired and upset with the constant feeling of anxiety and fear of the future. However, the choice of the future education and career is not that difficult if we try to consider several simple points.

The first and the primary concern here is to identify what you would like to get in the future in terms of the following criteria:

  • Financial status.
  • Spiritual satisfaction.
  • Social status.
  • Desire for power.
  • Self-realization.
  • Help to other people.
  • Possibilities for self-development.

The given points represent all the spheres of professional activities, but are not equally valuable for all people. It means that before choosing your career path it is necessary to evaluate them carefully and to choose those which are important for you in particular. The next step is to identify the degree of importance and to find the right balance between your desires and abilities. For instance, it goes without saying that earning a lot of money is important for all people, but among them there are those who are ready to sacrifice their spiritual growth for the possibility to achieve high financial status. On the other hand, there are people who are ready to earn a decent, yet moderate salary, if it is accompanied by promotion opportunities and possibilities to apply leadership talents.

So, when choosing your education, consider your own needs and try to single out those, which, when realized, will add up to your feeling content and satisfied with life.

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