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Conflict Essay

Inevitability of Conflict at the Work-Place

Wherever more than one person are working together, there inevitably sooner or later will arise a situation that will lead to a conflict between some or all the people involved – it is the truth of life. There are no completely monolithic work-groups; for there are no identical people and, consequently, no two people will ever have the same opinions on everything.

The reasons for conflicts are numerous – it may be personal grudge, or different views on how this or that problem should be addressed to, or they may appear as the result of previously wholesome competition; the reason doesn’t really matter. The important thing here is to know that conflicts are inevitable and, although it is better to try and bring their probability to a minimum (by teaming up people with similar views or trying to select them in a way that presupposes that everyone performs his own function and has no say in the affairs of all the others), from time to time a situation will arise when the conflict has already begun and it is time to resolve it as soon as possible.

The only advice that can be given to a leader here is to try and leave the battle with as few casualties as it is possible. Leader must be just, so as not to cause the feelings of resentment among the workers. The participants should be reasonable – without surrendering immediately, they…

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