Critical Response – English For Everyone Essay

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English for Everyone

English has already been an international language for many years, and it has proven that this status wasn’t awarded to it without a reason. Thousands of people learn it as their second language, and many choose it as their main specialty. The main reason of people’s desire to master English is the wealth of opportunities it provides to them. Some of them I will describe in this paper.

First of all, knowledge of the English language provides an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and to understand the cultures of many countries. Our world is full of unique interesting places and it is so great to see them and understand what people of other cultures experience and feel, as well as how they communicate between each other. It is practically impossible to learn languages of all the countries that are interesting travelling sites, but English allows to communicate with people from different backgrounds. In all the countries it is possible to find those who can tell you everything you want to know in this language. So, in this way you can not only understand more people and cultures, but also make new acquaintances and expand your world perception.

For business English allows to attract more customers and business partners, as well as get to know all the latest developments in different spheres. In this way, all the global trends can also be known to the company’s employees, which will ensure that the company meets the standards currently needed in the world.

To sum up, English is the key to communication and information – …

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