David Parker Ray Essay

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David Parker Ray

David Parker Ray was a serial killer of sexual sadist type who tortured and killed no less than 14 women. The police suspect that a number of his victims reaches 60 people, although it can be neither confirmed nor disproved, as no bodies were ever found. Still, the evidence the police received was enough to sentence him to 224 years in prison.

He was known as one of the cruelest criminals of his time. People often called him Toy-Box Killer, as he tortured and killed women in a self-made “toy box” – a trailer he equipped with various instruments of sexual and medical application, which he made himself. There were different sex toys and torture implements that served for his sick purposes. For many years he kept in terror the city of Truth and Consequences in the state of New Mexico.

He was accused and put under arrest after one of his living victims, Cynthia Vigil, escaped from his trailer after three days of torturing. Due to a lucky chance, she got away from the toy box after a fight with Ray’s accomplice, Cindy Hendy. Parker was arrested on the day Cynthia escaped, on March 22, 1999. At the trial two living victims and a mother of a deceased victim described the tortures they had to undergo. They considered death penalty to be too easy for him. Still, he wasn’t destined to serve even a considerable part of his sentence, as after eight months of imprisonment he died.

There can be different reasons why such people as David Parker Ray appear in our society, but it is …

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