Deductive Essay on Fascism and Communism

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Fascism and communism are often described as diametrically opposite political systems and ideologies – extreme right and extreme left. However, there is also another point of view, according to which they both should be referred to as subtypes of one system, namely, totalitarianism. I support the latter point of view for a number of reasons.

Yes, in the bases of the countries focused on these two ideologies there may lie completely different ideas, but does is really matter, when the results are generally almost the same? Both ideologies are based on collectivism as their major motive power; both reject individualism as a harmful tendency that undermines the power of the state; both consider the benefit of the state to be of much greater importance, than the very existence of any of its citizens. Both ideologies rely on groups, rather than individuals for support; and while one of them uses proletariat and another one – representatives of a certain nation, it doesn’t change the nature of this relationship. There is a single party at the top, all the rest are outlawed, with the pluralism of opinion considered to be compromising the security of the state. This party at the top selects a certain category of people to ensure their mindless support, and it is of no great difference who they are in particular.

Thus, I think that communism and fascism have too much in common to be considered two opposing ideologies. They are simply two branches of…

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