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Deductive Essay on Love for Others and Love for Yourself

It is generally considered to be “more” moral to love and care for the others, than to love and care for oneself; a person is supposed to be putting the interests of others above his own for the sake of the humankind’s prosperity or something like that. However, is it logical?

The Christian doctrine that best expresses this idea states that human should love one’s neighbor as he loves himself. In my opinion, the most important word here is “himself” – in order to love someone like you love yourself, you should love yourself in the first place; otherwise, your comparison is compromised.

One cannot seriously love anybody or anything, unless one feels respect and acceptance (and what else love is, after all) for himself. As another popular saying goes, “Before saying “I love you” one has to learn how to say “I””. Otherwise love has no sense, if it is compared for the person’s feelings for himself.

So, why is it considered that to serve others is moral while serving oneself is immoral, if we are supposed to love ourselves and our neighbors to the same degree? According to this very statement, we should treat our own interests with at least the same respect as the interests of any other person. Thus, I think that…

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