Deductive Essay on Why People Tend to Blame Others

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It is a well-known fact that when something bad happens, people generally tend to put the blame on somebody or something else, even if they only explain the reasons of it to themselves, which is, especially in the latter case, somewhat illogical. But why is it done?

In my opinion, the answer is very simple – it is much easier and pleasanter to live believing that everything bad that happens to you and those close to you happens because of the reasons you cannot affect: because of the actions of other people, as a result of some circumstances; the important thing here is that “I couldn’t have done anything”. It is one thing to live knowing that something that happened in the past could have been averted if you had taken the right decision, and completely another if you are not to be blamed – even by yourself. Some people manage to persuade even themselves – and I suppose that it is an ultimate goal of this process of self-delusion.

However, although it is much harder to admit one’s own responsibility for one’s actions and what happens as their result, it is also much more helpful in living a life. The benefits of shifting blame to something else are illusory – it only helps to calm oneself down and prove that there is no need to change anything. If, however, you agree that it is…

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