Definition Essay on Time Management

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In our time of hectic changes and total haste the idea of controlling one’s time effectively acquires a whole new meaning. It isn’t anymore a kind of a whim that was a characteristic of a few people only; it grows to be a necessity, for now a person who isn’t good at managing one’s own time may simply not have enough time to do everything he or she needs. But what is time management?

Time management is, to put it in a nutshell, a skill of reaching maximum output with minimal input of time. Somebody may be surprised, but the effectiveness of work is not completely based on a person’s skill in this particular activity. There is another important factor – how much time he spends on actually doing the work and how much – on taking breaks, both conscious and unconscious, performing unnecessary operations, thinking about something only loosely related to what he deals with at the moment, and so on. Time management is first of all a matter of self-control – in order to manage your time, you should make sure that all the time you spend is spent rationally, that no irrational activities appear in your behavioral patterns.

And, of course, there are dozens of rules that make it easier to concentrate on the assignment and not let your animal self waste any of your precious time. For example, if you feel that you are beginning to procrastinate, ask yourself: “What is the best thing I can do right now?” answer it logically and start doing it.

Time management is…

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