Deforestation Essay

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Controversy of Deforestation

Deforestation is one of the most widely known problems of modern world, because it is one of the major issues supported by organizations like Greenpeace that have powerful supporters in the Western governments. However, everybody seems to see only one side of the argument, because whenever you hear anything about it, it is about evil businessmen destroying the lungs of the Earth, or corrupt government officials being so terrible as to let it happen. But let’s study the problem from all points of view.

Yes, forests are the main source of the oxygen on the planet. Yes, their destruction leads to decreasing the levels of restoring oxygen, as well as desertification. But, on the other hand, the wood is a valuable resource, and a lot of useful minerals happen to be located in the areas covered with forests. The ecologists say that their development should be stopped, lest one day we can get into serious problems. But we live in a civilization that simply cannot stop. If we stop now, it would not mean simply stopping the progress, it would be degradation, because the population keeps increasing, the technology develops, and we need more and more resources every day.

If today we stop mining this or that resource, it will be felt very soon, and the very ecologists that complain about deforestation will complain about lack of energy, and not in some distant future, but in the course of several years.

Let’s face the truth – …

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