Effects Of GPA Research Paper

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Effects of GPA

Today every student is told by tutors and parents how important it is to work hard and receive high GPA, but let us think about whether this indicator is really that important for the future and is it possible for people to find their place in this world without high GPA score.

Practically all the educational establishments today, from middle school to university, assess the students’ work by assigning certain grades to them throughout the whole time of studying. At the end of each term, a final grade is defined for each student on the basis of his work within this period of time. He/she then receives a report card that consists of the grades for every course, grade point average (GPA) and a cumulative GPA. The latter two differ in the following way: GPA is defined for each term, while cumulative GPA – for the whole academic career in a particular school.

It is clear that GPA is rather important when at school, as on its basis it is defined whether student is ready to move further in his academic career. The requirements as to GPA score are usually very strict, and there is no use trying to apply to college, where 3.7 GPA required, if you have 3.6. So, if you want to advance in your education to the higher level, you should definitely work hard to obtain the best results.

Still, as for me, I don’t think that this indicator is necessary for successful professional career, as well as high GPA score doesn’t mean that you will necessarily become a successful businessman. In order to achieve a lot in life, it is necessary to possess many more characteristics and qualities, than are used in the academic sphere. So, I’d recommend not to hang up on GPA and not to put an end to your professional aspirations if your GPA is below average. There is nothing impossible for those who work hard and the end of university or college career is not the end of the world – it is a start of a new and interesting stage in your life.

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