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Henry Ford as the Founder of the World We Know Today

What may serve as a better and more universal symbol of civilization in general and Western civilization in particular, if not the car? The car, being an individual means of transportation, reflects the individualistic nature of the West better than anything else.

It has important symbolic and practical meaning in our lives: the moment a person gets his or her first car may be treated as a kind of turning point in one’s life, the moment when one becomes adult and serious in full sense of these words; the newlyweds are supposed to leave for their new life in a car, an especially luxurious car is often rented for various kinds of celebrations, a man’s car is considered to quite a considerable degree to be the reflection of his personality and so on.

And to think of the fact that this whole culture has been created by one man! Until Henry Ford introduced his principle of mass production, a car had been an exorbitantly expensive commodity, which only the richest people could afford. Ford has changed the situation to its opposite – his goal was to make it possible for each average man to buy and keep his own car. His Model T, becoming the first mass produced car in the world, has changed the existence of humanity forever, making it possible for everyone to…

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