Essay about Drugs

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My Attitude Towards Drugs and Drug-Addiction

I have always been baffled by the attitude towards drugs and drug-addiction that is considered to be almost unanimous. According to it, drug-addicts are miserable sick people who are not guilty of their present position and should be treated with sympathy and care, while drug-dealers are monsters in human form because they sell drugs to those who are willing to buy them and thus somehow make them become addicts.

Where logic in this I don’t know, but the general idea is something like this: what is strange here is that people who have willingly became addicts, willingly buy drugs and willingly go on destroying themselves are innocent lambs, while those who simply give them the possibility to do all of this, without making or compelling to do something – are some kind of demons.

What I cannot understand is why a person who makes his own choice is considered to be not responsible for it, while the responsibility is placed upon the one who offered him an opportunity to make a choice. In my opinion, every human being is responsible for his own decisions, actions and their consequences. If the state feels that it should fight drug-addiction, the only logical line of action here is to persecute the addicts, not the dealers.

If it is made clear in public consciousness that an addict is not to be blamed, that he will be cared for in case it is needed, what is the motivation for the weak-willed to avoid the temptation? They know they won’t be responsible, so they take the decision bravely, for they feel the consequences to be someone else’s problem.

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