Essay About the Harlem Renaissance Art Movement

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The Black Arts Movement and the Harlem Renaissance

BAM, or the Black Arts Movement, represents an artistic branch of the Black Power movement. It was started by Amiri Baraka in Harlem. The Time magazine wrote that this movement was the most controversial in African-American literature. BAM’s key institution was the Black Arts Repertory Theatre.

The Black Arts Movement became a milestone in history, as it was the one that inspired black people to open their magazines, art institutions, journals, and publishing houses. As a result of BAM, the African American Studies programs were launched in many universities. The assassination of Malcolm X triggered the movement. Among well-known authors that took part in the movement, there were Sonia Sanchez, Hoyt W. Fuller, Nikki Giovanni, and others.

The main achievement brought by the BAM was the inspiration it gave to the black people and all the works created as a result. It not only gave hope to people but also inspired Asian Americans and Latinos to develop their own cultures, which means that there is no necessity to assimilate the native culture to the American one. Besides, the literary canon received the diversity it lacked so much. From that time on, there developed the ability to express ideas from the standpoint of ethnic and racial minorities.

The Harlem Renaissance is the name of the cultural movement that took place between the 1920s and 1930s, It was called “New Negro Movement” in honor of the anthology written by Alain Locke in 1925. Its center was in Harlem, New York City, but many French-speaking black writers who lived in Paris were also influenced by it. Its main achievement was…

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