Essay On Animals In Slaughterhouses

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Animals in Slaughterhouses

Discussions on the appropriateness of animals treatment in slaughterhouses have long been continuing in today’s society. All the animal protection organizations voice their concern considering the way animals are treated in this kind of establishments. And if we take a look at the description of one of such houses, we will clearly understand their worry.

There are many different aspects, in which animals are cruelly treated in slaughterhouses. First of all, they see how other animals are killed, which is totally unacceptable, if we approach this question from the point of view that they are living creatures who also have their thoughts and feelings. Seeing other animals, especially of their kind, being killed is extremely cruel and should be completely banned in a civilized society.

Another frightening fact is the actual way the animals are killed. Often electric current is applied to induce a heart attack, or captive bolt gun is utilized to shoot a rod into brain. Sometimes there are even cases when electrical current fails to stun the animal, and in this case it loses the ability to move, but still senses everything that is done to it. Birds are also treated in a similar way – they are hanged on shackles, their heads down, and are run through electrical bath with their heads.

To my mind, people’s cruelty is very well visible in their approach to animals treatment, and I am very sorry that such horrible practices are applied. I hope that in future people will understand that by such treatment they behave not as civilized creatures, but as real beasts. More humane treatment of animals in this sphere will definitely make our life and ourselves much better.

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