What Is Socialization and Why Is It Important for Humans

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Essay on How Socialization Influence a Person

Human is often characterized as a social animal, and it is, to a great extent, true. Human as a human can only exist among other humans; being deprived of communication with the representatives of his species, he ceases to become a man in a full meaning of this word.

Human is the only being, known to us, that almost completely lacks instinctive behavior. If a puppy is taken from its mother, he would still grow up to be a dog; the same goes for cats, wolves, cows, and any other animals, but not human. If a human child is taken from the society before he starts to talk and is given to some animals to raise, he will grow up with the psychology of these animals, without knowing anything about being a man. That’s where the importance of socialization is clearly and vividly obvious.

Socialization is key for creating a person. Without communication with other people, a human loses his human qualities. That is why it plays such an important role in the life of society – to subject a person to the proper culture, group, language, racial, political socialization means creating a new personality in a way that would make it possible for this man to exist within the society. In this regard, the role of the Internet and processes happening when socializing online person undergoes are yet to be discovered.

Socialization plays an especially important role at an early age; to the extent that a child who is not talked to enough during the first years of his life may be having certain problems with further development. It means that this matter should be treated with great attention, for, perhaps, the whole life of the person may be determined by the way he underwent socialization in his early childhood and then socialization in schools. And we shouldn’t forget that everything that happens at the beginning of life influences it in its entirety.

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