Essay Why I Want To Live And Work In Japan

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Why I Want to Live and Work in Japan

Since the time I first traveled to Japan, I fell in love with this country at once. I think that a lot of people can understand me, as it is really hard not to be fascinated with it. I believe that there is everything necessary for a successful life and work – well-developed traditions, the latest technologies, and safety.

I have already been to Japan three times, and what is the most interesting, every time I discovered something new for me. Besides, two years ago, I started learning Japanese, and now I understand the country even better than in the beginning. The most appealing feature of life in Japan for me is its ocean of opportunities it offers. At the same time, this is the main reason why I want to work in Japan. No matter what sphere I will choose to develop professionally, I will find a place for it in this country, as well as will get help and support from a large number of people.

I don’t want to live in the hectic atmosphere of the American cities – I am completely fed up with it. “But hey, what would you want to accomplish while living and working in Japan?” one might ask me. Well, I want to join traditions, to raise my children in Japan, so as they had an opportunity to choose their own way of life and develop it to the utmost. It is especially possible in this part of the world, as in the cities there are the latest technologies implemented in every sphere of life, which allows to live an easier and more interesting life.

On the whole, I cannot see any reasons why…

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