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Boys Learn Differently than Girls

There is so much misunderstanding taking place in everyday life – people are often arguing, considering their point of view to be the only right one, while others, who seem to have another view, are definitely wrong. But isn’t it somewhat ridiculous, if we try to approach this issue from a standpoint that every human being perceives this world in his/her own way? Unfortunately, often we get so involved in daily routine and our feelings, that we miss this grain of truth.

Still, there are people who understand us perfectly well, and often they are of the same gender as we are. And it is not surprising, as it is already a fact that women and men perceive this world in different ways. If we take it in to account when planning education system, then kids will definitely benefit from it. Although for many people the idea of single-sex educational establishments may seem completely outdated, there are certain scientifically proved facts that speak in favor of such system.

Differences between boys’ and girls’ perception of the world start from the way they see and concentrate on things. Boys better focus their attention on moving objects in space, which means that in order to win their attention, teachers have to be moving a lot. Girls, on the contrary, better focus on visuals with more details, such as faces. So, teachers can move just a little, or sit at one place, but the class should be organized in a circle. It is necessary to speak to girls in calm and easy tone, while to boys in engaging and fast kind of way.

There are many more peculiarities that have to be considered when choosing the best way of learning for boys and girls. I think that if we concentrate on these scientific advances and take them into account, we can develop a perfect system that will make education a pleasant and engaging activity for kids, instead of being a kind of burden.

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