Exploratory Essay on Creative Methods of Teaching

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Teaching is a very delicate process that requires a lot of attention from the point of view of teacher. According to an opinion that has been very popular during the last few decades, it is creative methods of teaching that really make this process effective. But is it really that important?

Of course, the best way to make some activity effective is to make it interesting, “fun”; when it is you who is doing something, it is up to you to try and change your own attitude towards what you are doing in case you are not very enthusiastic about it. In case of teaching, it is rather different – it is teacher’s work to make the process appealing to the majority of students.

When I say “fun”, I don’t mean that the process of education should be turned into a set of games; it might be attractive, in a demented sort of way, but it will eliminate the educational value of the process. What I mean is that studying should be made interesting – of course students will be more preoccupied with the topic of the lesson if they have to actually think about it, and not mindlessly repeat what they read in the textbook or were told by the teacher.

There is, however, an aspect that somewhat alters the whole picture – the personality of a teacher. And, unfortunately, if a person is unfit for this position, no creative method will ever help him attract the students’ attention. And on the contrary – a natural teacher will create something interesting even from the dullest of topics – maybe because he acts more instinctively than according to a certain method.

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