Exploratory Essay on Importance of Antibiotics

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The discovery of antibiotics could be readily placed among the inventions that truly changed the face of the world and the way of humans’ existence. However, nowadays they are often considered to be something not so good, the last resort or even something that shouldn’t be used at all. However, are there any foundations to this theory?

People who denounce antibiotics nowadays seem to be on rather poor terms with history, for, unless they are fighters against the demographic explosion, they have no reason to have any grudge against them. For the world before the discovery of penicillin was a completely different place. To be wounded and get infection into the wound (which, taking into account the insanitary conditions of that time was all too easy) led to almost certain death. Women gave birth to much more numerous children, but more than half of them died of various diseases before reaching the age of five. To survive in the war was considerably more difficult, for even the tiniest wound could have become fatal.

It was the world before the appearance of antibiotics, and all of this was reality less than a century ago, yet now almost no one remembers about it. Of course, the overuse of antibiotics develops the immunity towards them in causative organisms; but still, they save lives and continue to save them. In a lot of situations they are virtually the only option that leads to saving a life or, for example, helps avoid amputation.

Thus, I think that…

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