Exploratory Essay on Whether the World Will Become More Peaceful in the Next 10 Years

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Do You Think the World Will Become More Peaceful in the Next Ten Years?

Our world today is struggling with major economic crisis, natural disasters, violence in our schools, government corruptness, and the war on drugs. If our country, let alone our world, is to survive and make even the slightest of peace, in the future we have major changes that must take place.

For hundreds of years, our forefathers and our current leaders have fought for peace, fairness, and justice. Our United Nations has worked diligently toward uniting countries around the world in peace and harmony only to have others who continue to want disruption and war, even within their own country.

Today we have seen hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world pulling together, not only in the social environment, but in the spiritual one as well. Our world has many factors that hold us together and when one is off balance, the others usually follow suit. Peace comes from within and when we are struggling with all the hardships weighing against so many people, we become weak and our self-esteem falls by the wayside, giving us less hope for peace and a world where everyone has a chance to improve their way of living.

Our future looks bright if we make it that way. If we think positively, encourage others to think in the same way, and put forth great effort, then yes, our world could be a more peaceful place within the next ten years. On the other hand, if we choose to sit and do nothing, we are allowing others to make our choices for us and, subsequently, we are allowing our hopes of peace to go out the window. We must each stand up and say in a loud voice that we are fighting for worldwide peace and won’t give up no matter what. Because if we don’t, then who will?

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