Expository Essay on Consequences of not Knowing How to Use a Computer

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We live in the time when it is no longer possible to avoid computers even if you feel dislike towards them. Even ten years ago the situation was somewhat different – they were, of course, very important, but there still was possibility for those who did not want to do anything with computer technologies to go on working in their fields of activity without having to learn all these high-tech devices.

Now the situation is different – computers and the Internet have permeated all the areas of human activity and not a single person that wants to be someone in this life can afford to neglect them anymore. Even people who grew up in the pre-computer epoch have to learn the new ways if they want to retain their positions and work effectively without being taken in by competitors.

Thus, if a person has any level of ambition, he has to possess at least basic knowledge of computer usage, for wherever he is going to work: for a bank, a commercial firm, as an independent trader, an administrator – there are no ways around it. A person that neglects computer knowledge will almost for sure be gotten round by someone of the same ability level, but who is also a good computer user. And, as you may easily find out, the majority of firms write in job descriptions that the applicant should have a certain level of computer literacy, so the higher it is, the better.

In general, a modern person who has…

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