Expository Essay on Useful Decision Making Techniques

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It is often said that the most difficult activity that a human being can face is making decisions, and not only important ones, but in general. It is true to a certain extent, especially for some people who, due to various reasons (usually rooted in their upbringing) find difficulty making even the simplest and most unimportant decisions, for example, what to wear or what to have for dinner. If you ever encounter similar problems at any level, it may be a good idea to apply a certain decision-making technique for your assistance.

If there are several alternatives that are of equal value and you hesitate which one to choose, you may use a random-number generator (there are numerous programs of this kind on the Internet) to make a choice for you. Although it may sound primitive and unworthy of a human, in cases when there are no visible benefits or problems resulting from the choices, it will be helpful to save time you otherwise would have spent on deciding.

Another method that can be used in more important cases, especially when you decide whether to do something easy or something useful is to simply ask yourself in what way you may apply you time right now so that it would bring you the greatest benefit in future? Try to think objectively; don’t let feelings distract you, leave only facts to guide you. And, if you have abstracted yourself from your emotions well enough, you are certain to make a correct choice.

However, any technique is only useful if it is…

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