Expository Essay on Why It Is Useful to Know a Second Language

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Although English is for sure the most widespread and the most useful language to know at the time being, knowing another language, or even several of them, can always come in handy. If your native language isn’t English, the second one should definitely close this gap, for about 80% of all the useful information that is expressed in any language at all is at least in addition expressed in English as well, so it is an absolute must for any person who is going to consider himself to be a citizen of the world.

Knowing other languages, nevertheless, can also become very helpful, for nobody knows in what situations you may get in the course of your life. And, even if you never need another language practically, it is still beneficial, as learning to express one’s thoughts through a different system of signs that is another language, you broaden your horizon and learn other ways of thinking, the ones that you couldn’t have imitated without being able to compare two different systems of expressing yourself.

In addition, in our ever-changing world nobody can…

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