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Is Competition Useful?

I could never understand people who are expressing their concerns about the presence of competition in the industry, between children at schools, between students at universities, between co-workers at work.

If we look at the world outside of us, we shall see that the whole living Universe is based on the same principle – the members of the same species compete with each other for existence, as well as the species, cubs in litters, and everyone. Human is no exception. Competition in business secures that the best organized business with the cheapest and the most effective production cycle and the most competent workers wins and stays at the market, making sure that we get the best product as a result. In schools, universities and at work people compete with each other in order to be the best – and isn’t this aspiration the most noble thing human being may want?

If we try to eliminate competition, we may do it only in one way – by making it so that effort is punished. If we on purpose eliminate the reason for competition, we eliminate one of the most important reasons for moving forward, for progress, for development, both in separate individuals and in the mankind in general.

Only the society that is based on competition, where the able one is rewarded and the weak one isn’t, can develop and move further. If we accept the idea that there should be no competition, it will lead to degeneration and degradation.

However, this principle seems to be…

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