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Our Local Catholic Church

The most imposing building in our district is, no doubt, our local Catholic church. Not for the reason of being of enormous size and height, but because among the other, generally rather commonplace houses in its vicinity it is the only building that brings some originality into the landscape. When you say “Catholic church”, you, probably, immediately have a certain picture in your mind – a Gothic building with soaring spires, arrow-headed arches and stained-glass windows. In this particular case, however, you will be mistaken – this very church is as far from this typical image as it is possible.

One can hardly believe that this oblong two-storied building with curved walls and oddly placed windows is actually a church; there is nothing indicating this except for a large crucifix above it. There are no arches or large windows in the white-washed outer walls, just two large entrances: the central one and the side door. The interior, however, is rather imposing and resembles a church much more: there is a kind of lobby with two stairs leading upwards, to the choir, some shelves with prayer books and another large door, leading to the church itself.

Inside there is everything that is supposed to be there: the door to a confessional to the left, the long rows of benches stretching from the entrance to the altar, and some decorations on the walls, depicting the Passion of Christ and electrical lamps high above.

All in all, this church may be considered to be…

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