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GMO Essay

Genetically Modified Organisms – Benefit or Danger?

The usage of genetically modified organisms in various industries, generally in food production, is a popular reason for outrage. People consider this meddling with genetic code to be disgusting or dangerous or something else. Generally, it simply means that they cannot understand it and, thus, consider it to be bad – the usual way people treat new and yet unknown things. In popular consciousness the understanding of genetic modification lies within the lines “Oh my god, they have crossed tomatoes and spiders!” and, although no one really knows whether it is true in any sense of the word, or, in fact, what it means, there is this creepy image of tomatoes springing out tiny legs and crawling around immediately formed somewhere in the collective unconscious.

But truly, what is GMO? GMO are simply organisms, DNA of which was directly influenced by human in order to enhance them in this or that way. There are no other differences between them and other products. If somebody hadn’t thought of it as a good scapegoat for building up political influence, nobody would have ever heard about GMO being wrong at all.

GMO is just a new step in agriculture. Why the majority does not perceive selection which had been a usual practice for thousands of years, as something horrible? Because they are used to it. No doubt, when somebody first tried not to gather wild cereals, but came up with an idea of planting them and…

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