High School Life Essay

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High School Attendance Policy

It is a usual practice to look over the students’ attendance and make sure they miss as few classes as it is possible; the ones that miss too often may have certain sanctions applied to them, no matter what their reasons are and how quickly they are progressing. To my mind, this approach is not only anachronistic; it shouldn’t have existed in the first place. But now it looks especially out of place.

This approach means that students are teamed up in their classes against their will and against their judgment. Even if I already know the material of the whole course and know perfectly well that attending to the rest of the classes in this subject will be a waste of time, I still have to sit them all through, listening to other students, who still have problems with getting it, trying to understand what I already know. It doesn’t concern anybody that it is the waste of my time – although for me it is the most important thing in the world. The school’s officials have to meet the requirements presented by the higher-positioned officials.

Of course, some students miss classes for other reasons and may have problems because of it. But it is of no interest to me. If you do something, you do it on your own risk; I know what I am doing, so should you. As for the effectiveness of making somebody study – I don’t believe in it. If you do not want to study, there is no way making you do it can help. It will only…

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