Higher Education Essay

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Higher Education as an Obstacle to Success

A lot is said on the importance of higher education, on its overall low quality and how much it influences the life of those who receive it. In my opinion, based on my own experience, the main impact it has on a person’s life is the necessity to spend several years on the activity that nobody needs and getting knowledge that will never come in handy. The only thing that can be taught in college is how to teach in college, the only people who may need this knowledge – prospective professors. And, possibly, people who wish to dedicate their lives to science, but certainly not the people who are going to do any practical work.

To them 3 years spent in college is nothing more than an additional obstacle before plunging into real life after even less useful years of high school. I am not saying, of course, that education in general is a harmful chimera that does nothing but eating up students’ time. I only say that education in its modern form in most cases turns out to be tremendous waste of time. Students have to study disciplines their future field of activity is not related to, they worry about memorizing a great amount of potentially useless information instead of acquiring some practical experience and knowledge and, most importantly, it keeps them for several more years from actually starting doing something. They tend to be more interested in getting good diplomas than acquiring any actual knowledge about their future line of work – and it is the sole result of this system.

If the world is to keep up with the progress, this picture has to change.

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