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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

What is a home? We all, of course, know that it is not simply a place of residence – not every place where you live may be considered to be your home, although it is always a good idea to try and turn it into one. But what is it then?

In my opinion, home is the living space where this or that person feels… well, at home, at ease. There is much more than it seems behind the so widely-spread expression “feel at home”. Look at it – not “feel comfortable”, not “feel good”, but “feel at home”. It means that there is some meaning behind that concept that makes it necessary to feel at home to achieve a certain level of comfort.

A person may live in some place for years and still hate it. Generally, it happens because of the inability to change it so that it becomes home, acquires some of your features, becomes truly yours. That is one of the basic reasons for the majority of people to want to have a house of their own in the long run – preferably, a new house. It is almost the only way to truly create one’s home from the basement (literally or metaphorically speaking).

For there is hardly anything else that is closer to the personality of a human than the home he has created for himself, maybe built, certainly decorated, left around dozens of minute details that, after all, create atmosphere and, what is most important, lived there for a while, because it is time spent together what really makes a home and its owner attached to each other.

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