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Informal Essay on Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law in My Life

One look at a day in my life and anyone can see that Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is absolutely true. I demonstrate the accuracy of this law every day. Look at today for example.

This morning, I awoke to discover that my alarm hasn’t gone off. Then, I set my bare foot down into a wet spot on the carpet, where the new puppy had piddled. Next, I discovered that I was out of hair spray. To top it all, my blow dryer died. I knew then and there that I shouldn’t even leave the house.

My mom wouldn’t believe I was sick and made me go to school anyway. Trying to convince her left no time for breakfast. I was late for my first period, which got me “that look” from Mr. Adams and made everyone stare. I left my homework on the table by my bed. Mr. Adams wasn’t going to buy the “My homework was abducted by aliens.” excuse either.

At lunch time, I came round the corner into the hall, headed for my locker, only to see Sylvia-the-Sex-Queen hanging on Bryan. My Bryan! At least, I wish he were mine. In actuality, he barely knows that I exist. Still, watching her drool all over him made my stomach turn. I missed out on pizza day, because I couldn’t eat lunch after that.

All of that was just before lunch. That’s just a…

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