Informal Essay on Whether Content on the Internet Should Be Regulated

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Should Content on the Internet Be Regulated? Why or Why Not?

As a regular web user, I find a lot of Internet content highly objectionable. I’ve often wondered if we, as responsible users, could create an informal online forum and start protesting against websites displaying content that is harmful in our opinion.

If we are to assume that young adults form the biggest portion of Internet users, then most will agree with me that we do need some control or monitoring over what type of content, both textual and graphic, is hosted on websites. Today the Internet is a great source of ideas and inspiration for young adults. Their minds are susceptible to the influence of what they see and read, hence, a steady diet of harmful web content can easily mislead the vast young population all over the world.

In the past, a lot of regulatory bodies in different countries have tried to monitor the use of inappropriate topics, language, and graphics on the web that may be viewed by users of all age groups, including children.

Unfortunately for us, the regulatory bodies do not agree on what constitutes harmful or objectionable content. What one country finds inappropriate for its viewers may very well be considered perfectly fine for viewers from another country. As in most debates, unless the conflicting parties can find the compromise, the issue of content censorship will remain unresolved.

In conclusion, I can say that though some sort of…

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